Nicolas Pierry Design Studio creates holistic aesthetic solutions that capture people’s most intimate demands in a large scale of psychological needs promoting personal well-being in residential and commercial spaces. Through the integration of design, aesthetic, health and psychological principles, the Studio produces functional spaces that can induce positive emotions and increase the quality of life.


Nicolas Pierry is an Interior Designer & Landscape Designer (Argentinian Design School of Buenos Aires) with postgraduate studies in Sustainable Design (Palermo University of Buenos Aires). Additionally, as a designer he has explored designing and handcrafting decorative objects, lamps and fashion accessories.

He began his studies in Architecture and then continued his studies in Psychology. Additionally, he graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Psychology (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile).


Furthermore, he graduated from the Chilean School of Feng Shui along with study trips to ancestral and modern China to deepen his comprehension of this millenary science of construction.


His experience in the field of interior design started back in 2006 when he began doing consulting to private costumers and companies designing healthy comfortable spaces to increase well-being in the workplace. He also began exploring the relationship between housing architectonic design and mental health, contributing new criteria for solving social housing problems for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs of Chile and the NGO Social Housing Un Techo Para Chile.


He worked independently with a diverse team of multidisciplinary professionals on brand image and interior design strategies in various types of businesses including hotels, health facilities, commercial stores and residential spaces in Chile, Argentina, The United States, Venezuela, Mexico, France, Japan and Australia.

Once settled in Argentina, he collaborated with the City of Buenos Aires Tourism Agency on defining sustainable strategies for the hotel industry. Later founded his own design studio and began designing both interior and exterior projects and remodels for both residential and commercial projects.


His current research and interventions in the interior/exterior design field focus on linking aesthetic cultural symbols with astronomical and celestial events that relate to space through the cardinal points and the solar / lunar calendars.